Country-Style Hand Painted Kitchen in Fulham

I was contacted by clients Sarah and Joel to hand-paint their country-style kitchen in Fulham

From the outset, there were two key challenges. Firstly, the pine kitchen units had been hand-built by a previous owner and, given their bespoke craftsmanship, were not constructed to conventional kitchen standards.

Secondly, both the internal units and inside doors were of a very poor quality, with a raised grain due to a lack of preparation prior to staining over the years. In addition, the external doors, drawers and end panels had been painted with a white emulsion using a roller and not brushed out to a smooth finish.

Sanding down emulsion on woodwork is a tricky business as the paint tends to tear if sanded too hard. To combat this problem I used a 240-grade sandpaper and my Rotex sander on a low power to gently cut through the emulsion, keeping the extractor attached at all times to keep any dust to a minimum and resulting in a very smooth finish.

Communication with the clients was crucial during this period and once one door had been sanded I spoke with Sarah and Joel to see how much refinement they wanted to see on the woodwork and establish a baseline, given the country kitchen-style feel of the room and volume of dents and imperfections on show.

We agreed that I would only fill the cracks and holes with all other imperfections left intact, giving a distressed look with an ultra-smooth finish.

For the colour the clients had chosen Crown Blue Gravel. Whilst Crown is a good quality paint, wherever possible I use Helmi furniture paint given its hard-wearing properties and a fantastic finish.

To help achieve this exemplary finish between coats I use wet and dry, and although this is a time-consuming process it produces an unparalleled glass-like finish. I also used cortex adhesive primer mixed with the colour to achieve a deep, rich finish after three coats.

The remaining natural pine was prepared using the same process with two coats of Dulux water-based pine varnish, creating the distressed yet ultra-smooth finish the client desired.

If you are considering painting your kitchen and you live in or around the Fulham area please do get in touch. The quote will be free and no obligation and is very concise and detailed. All I need are a few photos of the kitchen to get an idea of how many doors and drawer fronts’.

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