Hand Painted Bathroom In Blackheath

Hand Painted Bathroom Blackheath


I was contacted by clients Wez and Candice to hand-paint their bathroom in Blackheath, South London.

They have a large bespoke bathroom that the previous owners had hand painted to look old and rustic. As with a lot of bathroom units they had some minor water damage which was easily repaired by cutting out the damaged wood and filling with an epoxy resin filler.
The client chose Farrow and Ball Ghost Green as the color, which I matched in Tikkurila. I prefer to use this paint and think it is the best product for kitchens and bathrooms as it is extremely hard wearing and leaves a beautiful glass-like finish. The client opted for a semi sheen finish which I achieved using Tikkurila Helmi 30. Once the doors were removed I sanded the bathroom units down using a 240-grade sandpaper with my Festool Rotex sander, connected to my extractor to minimize dust.  After filling all the imperfections with the epoxy resin filler, and cracks with painters mate (a very flexible filler for cracks), I primed the kitchen in Otex adhesive primer, which was tinted in Ghost Green.

To achieve the perfect finish between the two coats of Hemi 30 I always use wet and dry sandpaper, although this is a time-consuming process it produces an unparalleled glass-like finish.

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