Hand Painted Kitchens In Chelsea

Hand Painted Kitchens Chelsea: We contacted by clients Rachel and Mike to hand-paint their kitchen in Chelsea, London.

Their four-year-old kitchen had been made by a local kitchen company to a very high standard, unfortunately, the paintwork had been done badly (the close-up picture below shows the poor quality of the finish). Hand made kitchen doors usually move or drop after a period of time. In the picture, you can see a red sharpie line that I marked along the doors that needed to be planed, so when rehung they will not only open and close without rubbing on the frame, but there will also be an even gap all around the door. Apart from that, it was as easy as it gets.

The original kitchen was in Farrow & Ball, Tallow, and the client wanted the same colour for the refurb, so I colour matched in Tikkurila. I prefer to use this paint and think it is the best product for kitchens as it is extremely hard wearing and leaves a beautiful glass-like finish. The client opted for a chalky finish, which I achieved using Tikkurila Helmi 10. Once the doors were removed I sanded the kitchen down using 240-grade sandpaper with my Festool Rotex sander, connected to my extractor to minimize dust. After filling all the imperfections with an epoxy resin filler and cracks with painters mate, a very flexible filler for cracks,  I primed the kitchen in Akva, a water-based primer, tinted in Tallow.

To achieve the perfect finish between the two top coats of Hemi 10 I use wet and dry. Although this is a time-consuming process it produces an unparalleled glass-like finish.