Hand Painted Kitchen Dressers St Johns Wood


I was contacted by my clients Daniel & Erfat to hand paint their two new bespoke dressers to match the Clive Christian kitchen I had hand painted earlier in the year.

Erfat wanted the same colour as the island in Dock Blue by Little Greene. I had used Tikkurila helmi 30 for the kitchen as in my opinion it is the best product to use on kitchens, it’s incredibly hard wearing and produces a beautiful finish. Kitchen cabinet painter London.


Traditionally cabinet painters start by protecting the floors and work tops with lining paper as this produces a dust free workplace, but after a while it can look untidy so I use drop cloths (roll out foam protective mats) which are cleared away every night so the kitchen looks clean and tidy for the client. 

The dressers were extremely well made and didn’t need much preparation, a light sand, and minor imperfections filled. I used Otex adhesive primer which was colour matched to help achieve a deep finish, followed up with two coats of Tikkurila Helmi 30 – an amazing product from Finland. In-between coats I always use Mirka  Gold 1000 grade sandpaper, it’s really fine so creates a glass-like finish. Bespoke kitchen painter London.

Any skilled kitchen cabinet painter using the system above will produce a flawless finish. As you can see in the photos the results speak for themselves – a fantastic new piece of furniture. Bespoke cabinet painter London.

If you have a kitchen or kitchen furniture like the one above and are considering painting it, please get in touch. All you need to do is email across some photos showing each cabinet run. I can then send you a full and concise quote.

Thank you for taking the time to read this short blog.