Hand Painted Kitchen Primrose Hill London

Hand Painted Kitchen Primrose Hill London

Hand Painted Kitchen Primrose Hill London

Hand Painted Kitchen Primrose Hill London: I was contacted by my clients who have a beautiful home with a newly installed kitchen, in Primrose Hill, London. The kitchen came pre-primed in white, and after a few discussions on colours they decided on Minster Green by Farrow & Ball. A beautiful deep green which perfectly matched the exposed brick. Hand Painted Kitchen Primrose Hill London

To hand paint a kitchen you must work in phases: 

1. Once the client is confident they have chosen the right colour, I dismantle all the doors and drawers, removing all handles and hinges. This makes it very easy to prepare and paint the doors to get the desired flawless finish

2. After dismantlement I take it back to my workshop to prepare and paint.

Even though the kitchen was pre-primed, the primed units had been badly painted by the kitchen company. I sanded all the brush strokes out ready for the preparation. Once sanded I fill the imperfections with an epoxy resin filler. Happy I have prepared everything thoroughly I used an adhesive primer which is colour matched, which helps give a deep and long lasting finish. 

“Achieve the best finish possible”

3. The clients opted for a satin finish. Between coats I always sand down with wet & dry this helps me achieve the best finish possible.

4. Final phase, always the most satisfying, is to refit kitchen and handles and leave a very happy client!

As you can see from the below photographs the results speak for themselves. Hand Painted Kitchen Primrose Hill London

If you have a kitchen, bathroom or furniture you are considering painting, please get in touch. All you need to do is email across some photos showing each cabinet run. I can then send you a full and concise quote. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this short blog. Hand Painted Kitchen Primrose Hill London

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