Hand Painted Kitchens Pimlico London

Hand Painted Kitchen Pimlico London

Hand Painted Kitchen Pimlico London

Hand Painted Kitchen Pimlico London – Quarantine blog: At the time of writing we are currently in quarantine and have to stay at home. so no new kitchens to blog about and it got me looking through some old pictures of kitchens I’d hand painted some 15 years ago. You forget over time how much easier with technology it is to hand paint a kitchen now. You still need an extremely high skill set to achieve a flawless finish but the quality of materials have improved greatly. Also I have my own workshop now, so disruption for the clients are at a minimum. So I’d like to share the changes with you. Hand Painted Kitchen Pimlico London

This was an old kitchen that had been badly painted red before. Also the mono block worktop needed to be sanded back to bare wood and oiled.

This kitchen required a lot of love, I cleaned the whole kitchen with white spirit first to give me clean surface to prepare. I sanded everything down with my festool sander attached to my extractor, this gave me a very smooth surface to paint and no dust during the preparation. 

Today I would have used Tikkurila Otex primer tinted in the colour to help produce a deep finish. But back then I used an oil based primer. It’s okay but not as good as the Otex primer, it’s an adhesive primer which really sticks to the woodwork, which gives me a fantastic surface to apply the final coats. Hand Painted Kitchen Pimlico London

“Today I would have used Tikkurila Helmi”

I remember very well it being an extremely hot summer and I had to work very hard and quickly to apply the satinwood which again is oil based to stop the paint dragging, which can produce brush strokes in the finished doors.

Today I would have used Tikkurila Helmi 30, a water based product and because it’s water based it allows you a little more time to paint when it’s very hot. None of this would matter now as everything wood be hand painted in the workshop, temperature controlled.

As you can see in the photographs, the change was dramatic. I think the biggest change in the last 20 years has been colour. People are brave and bold with so many stunning colours to chose from nowadays. Most of the kitchens I paint are made of wood, tired old oak, pine and maple. I find these kitchens the most satisfying to paint. The transformation in these types of kitchens are huge and have the biggest wow factor.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, Its been fun for me remembering the old ways, and thankful of the new! 

If you have a kitchen that you would like painted and would like a quote, please get in touch. You can contact me through my contact form on my website or mobile. Hand Painted Kitchen Pimlico London

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