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Lockdown blog! Hand Painted Kitchen London Richmond.

At the time of writing we are currently in lockdown and unable to work, so I thought it would be interesting to go back and look at an old kitchen I painted nearly 20 years ago. It wouldn’t just be the quality of the pictures that would be different but a completely different process in painting and paints used.

The client had a bespoke kitchen made in MDF.  Now, today I have a workshop, I dismantle the kitchen and remove as much as possible and take it  back to my workshop at home. This makes for a perfect environment for me to hand paint the kitchen as it’s dust free and the perfect temperature to paint. But back then everything was done on site. The kitchen is the heartbeat of any home and cups of tea, lunch etc have to be made during the day by the family which isn’t the best situation to paint a kitchen. Taking the kitchen away leaves the family to get on as normal with minimal disruption to family life. It also means no dust or paint fumes, 20 years ago I used oil paints and the fumes can linger unlike today’s water based products.

As with any MDF units, I always use a sealer first, if you don’t use a sealer the paint drys so quickly on MDF it’s almost impossible not to leave brush strokes. Once sealed I have the perfect surface to apply the primer, back then it would have been white, and oil based as primers could not be tinted unlike today. Luckily the client had chosen an off white, unfortunately I can’t remember that far back which one. Most clients are much bolder these days in choosing a colour for their kitchen, dark green, dark blue, grey, there are so many fabulous colours today  and the primer can now be colour matched, so helping the cabinet painter achieve the best possible finish.

Once any imperfections were filled, I lightly sanded down between coats with a 320 grade paper as you only need to key the surface not remove or scratch the primer. Followed by two coats of satinwood, again an oil based paint. Now today, I use Tikkurila intact to hand paint a kitchen. It’s an incredible paint from Finland and designed for kitchens and painted furniture. It’s water based, so no lingering fumes, It’s very durable, the finish will last twice as long as any oil based paint and leaves a stunning finish. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog, I hope you found it interesting and I hope I explained the differences between now and then clearly. It’s been good for me to remember how much better and easier it is not just for me but the client as well.

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