About MJ King

Since starting my career in 1981 I am proud that my business has mostly been built on my reputation;  90% of my projects come from recommendations or repeat business.

After I left school I worked as a diamond cutter for 5 years. I will always remember that time as it required creating something, small, simple, but complex, always having to consider style, form, function and comfort. I had to make use of innovative and unique ideas, as this was a key part of cutting diamonds. Through this I also learnt that perfection is required for every stone and I have transferred the skills I have been required to gain through this experience to my hand painted kitchens business where I only accept the perfect flawless finish.


I have perfected a unique and caring approach to make your home environment more pleasant and comfortable, without the need of extra hassle or trouble. Throughout my projects I have always made it paramount that each client’s unique needs and requirements are reflected in the finished product. Seeing a project develop from beginning to the end, from a simple design to a finely perfected one is what makes my work enjoyable and worthwhile.

During the project I work closely with the clients in order to achieve the exact design they had in mind, from looking at what they are inspired by, to looking at unique range of styles, patterns and colours in my collection. Whether you are looking for a something rustic, modern or contemporary, I have something that would suit any taste and would constitute a perfect design that will make the key features of your bathroom or kitchen shine through.

Similarly, a kitchen as well as a bathroom have to suit the atmosphere and style of your home. By analysing all the details I will ensure the perfect fit of your bespoke kitchen and bathroom. I am a specialist painter and I treat each customer as a customer for life.

My unique hand paint system combines the appearance you want with the very latest technology and prevents the finishes from deteriorating or damaging, making it highly durable and extremely easy to maintain. Through hand paint you can easily transform a shabby or dated cabinet or furniture into something completely new and improved, giving your kitchen or bathroom a shiny and clean new look.