Hand Painted Kitchens In Chelsea

Hand Painted Kitchens Chelsea: We contacted by clients Rachel and Mike to hand-paint their kitchen in Chelsea, London. Their four-year-old kitchen had been made by a local kitchen company to a very high standard, unfortunately, the paintwork had been done badly (the close-up picture below shows the poor quality of the finish). Hand made kitchen […]

Country-Style Hand Painted Kitchen in Fulham

I was contacted by clients Sarah and Joel to hand-paint their country-style kitchen in Fulham From the outset, there were two key challenges. Firstly, the pine kitchen units had been hand-built by a previous owner and, given their bespoke craftsmanship, were not constructed to conventional kitchen standards. Secondly, both the internal units and inside doors […]

Hand Painted Bathroom In Blackheath

Hand Painted Bathroom Blackheath

  I was contacted by clients Wez and Candice to hand-paint their bathroom in Blackheath, South London. They have a large bespoke bathroom that the previous owners had hand painted to look old and rustic. As with a lot of bathroom units they had some minor water damage which was easily repaired by cutting out […]